Huawei Founder Promises a Faster Android Alternative

Even though Google and Huawei have been given go-ahead to work together again, the Chinese telecom company hasn’t shut down work on its Android alternative, Hongmeng OS. Expected to be unveiled at its developer conference in early August, Huawei founder has spilled the beans on its upcoming operating system.


Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei said in an interview that the company’s Hongmeng OS is not just meant for smartphones but will also cover modern categories such as Internet of Things and autonomous vehicles as well as the traditional ones, PCs and tablets. He also said that the new operating system will be much faster than Google’s Android and Apple’s OS. Zhengfei, however, acknowledged Huawei needs backing of a large app ecosystem and developers which drive Google and Apple app stores.


Zhengfei’s latest comments come shortly after Huawei received a big relief with the US President Donald Trump easing export controls on the American companies The brief ban on Huawei is expected to have a big financial impact on the Chinese company. Hongmeng OS, however, could be a window of opportunity for Huawei to become self-reliant at least in terms of software.

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